Plan Your Pilgrimage To New Vishuddhananda Tapovan Jhalida (2)

Due to my profession and as an active member of ashram, I have to be always in public dealings. I have met both good and bad experiences. I realize, in spite of so much negativity all around, due to some good people, this nature is in balance and thousands of people can still hope for a better life.

Dr P.K.Das is one of them with a golden heart. He has his own nursing home and been practicing in Jhalida for last 32 years. He has a long time wish to set up an English medium school. Therefore, Swami Vishuddhananda Gurukul Sikshayatan has come in to reality in few months. The school will have a grand opening on 10thFebruary, 2019 on the occasion of Ma Saraswati Puja. Devotees and disciples of ashram are hereby welcome; Just confirm us about your arrival so that we can make necessary arrangements.
Swami Vishuddhananda Gurukul Sikhatyan
Governed by Jhalida Astha Mob-7872823353,9002819585
CBSE Board English Medium School (Nursary to Class VII)
1, Transportation Facility
2. Pollution Free Ashram Atmosphere
3. Students' Boarding
4. Big Playground
5. Digital Class Room
6. E-Class
7. Medical Help
8. Economical School Fees

Now; I would like to share what Dr P.K.Das has done for our ashram infrastructure (around 100 years old) and what's his planning for the school.
This Ashram main building on the entrance has been painted, the middle room will be a museum, well decorated where photos of Baba Vishuddhananda, Durga Baba, Gui Baba and Debashisda's photo etc will be kept. The right side room will be computer lab.

New Ashram entrance gate is prepared and will be installed soon.

Rooms are being prepared for the teachers' boarding facilities including principal's office.


Rumbles were every where, Ashram floors are now being cleaned.

 Water was licking down through the roof, it has been totally repaired and cleaned.

This well is made reusable after deep cleaning inside which costs 48000 INR. Two tube wells are yet to be made one for school_boarding purpose, the second one for Ma Panchamundi.

This is the school building for class two to class seven. Morning prayer will be done on the ground in front of Ma Saraswati and Baba Vishuddhananda.

Baba Vishuddhananda used to seat on this stone. That white building has three rooms inside for the class LKG, UKG and ONE.

Plan Your Pilgrimage\
Rooms are being prepared for the devotees to stay.
Small hills, forests are all around the ashram, make you feel on the lap of mother nature.
Strong spritual vibration, Baba Vishuddhananda's residential place and above all around 800 years old Ma Panchmundi Mahason.
From 13th/14th March,2020 every year, We will have a grand celebration of Baba Vishuddhananda's Birthday.

How to reach
Rail route is Howrah_Burdwan_Asansol_Purulia_Jhalida, local trains are interconnecting between these stations.
Otherwise, take Purulia Express from Howrah, Purulia Bus Stand is just nearby station, Buses are available to Jhalida
Raanchi is also a big railway station near Jhalida, Buses are available from this side also.
Or by car route as follows Howrah_Bardhaman_Durgapur_Bankura_Jhalida.

The Most Important Point In This Article
Ma Panchmundi Mahason Temple is now around 100 years old. This building is urgently need to be repaired. In the rainy season, water is licking down through the roof and ruining the puja materials. Though this time, I have bough an Almirah to keep these materials safe, but we need a permanent solution. Walls are also soaking the water and being damaged.

Windows's partitions are collapsed, door condition is poor. Everything need to be replaced, colored. Also we are planning to make a shaded seating area for the mediators in front of Ma Panchmundi like Ma Nabamundi Mahason, Varanasi.

Dr P.K.Das only for these purpose; appealed for some financial help from the disciples and devotees of this ashram. He and his team will take care of the rest.

Beneficiary Name- SAPTARSHI DAS
A/C No- 401001501087
IFSC- ICIC0004010

This account belongs to Doctor babu's son.
For more details, contact- Dr P.K.Das- 7872823353

After your donation, WhatsApp 9153121342 mentioning Amount, Your Name, Gotram..for worshiping at Ma Panchmundi Mahason.

You may also visit-
Jai Gurudeva, Guru Kripa Hi Kebolam!!!


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