Aniruddha Group of Services


Aniruddha Group of Services
Be our Associate and you or your nominee can enjoy a share of net profit every year for the lifetime.
We incorporate as Reiki Life Line in health care services in 2015 and gradually made another start up in finance market in 2017 as Money Multiplier. We are upgrading every day, adding up new services to give out the best to our clients and society as we believe in growing together.
We thank our professors of Jadabpur University who are our advisory body and keep encouraging us towards this path.

Our Services
1. Financial planning for the riches to poor with Life Insurance Partner (Max Life), Health Insurance partner (Star Health) Mutual Funds partner (SBI, HDFC, ICICI, RELIANCE), Stock Broking (Kotak Securities)  Account opening, Stock Market Training, Tips and Advisory.
2. Tax Advice, IT Return, Financial Auditing with collaboration of CA.
3. Loan, Fixed Deposits (In Process)
4. Reiki; Usui Method of Natural Healing
5. DXN Bengal (Ganderma, beneficial for cancer patients or those have cancer history in family and Spirulina for a long healthy life)
6. Astro Help (Astrology and Gems Selling)
7. Book Store (Spiritual Books related to Swami Vishuddhananda Paramhansadev
8. Surabitan Sangeet Siksha Kendra (40 Years old) by Prof Arati Mukhopadhyay.

Services and other policies may change time to time, visit this page and our website once in a month.
If you avail any of our services, there is some bonus points relating to that and once you score 100 bonus points. You will be upgraded to an Associate of AGS (Aniruddha Group of Services).

Facilities of being an Associate of AGS
1. You will have an welcome gift for being a new Associate.
2. You or your nominee can enjoy a share of net profit for the life time.
3. You can avail cash back or discount for every fresh purchase.
4. Bonus points will be applicable as usal and can be redeemed after making another 100 points every time.
5. Our company will give 10% of net profit in charity or some noble cause, and you are indirectly contributing in that and make others smile.
6. Our company may arrange some get together or spiritual awareness or cultural program, health camp  time to time and you can be a part of it. Our vision is health, wealth and prosperity_ a complete solution partner for a happy life.
7. With a growing business, we require more man power accordingly. Friends, Relatives of Associates of AGS will get the first call if there are vacancies. Though, we will strictly evaluate their professional eligibility.

Bonus Illustration
1. Life Insurance- For fresh purchase; bonus points will be 0.2%. Example- you are paying a premium of 50000 INR. Your bonus points will be 100. You will enjoy an welcome gift and be an Associate of AGS.                                                                                                   
Same premium, An Associate is purchasing a fresh policy. 10% cash back (It may vary with plans) will be given. In this case, he will receive 5000 INR directly credited to its account and 100 bonus points as well. No cash back/discount/bonus points will be given for renewals as somewhere we need to manage our staff salaries, office expenses and generating profits for the Associates which will be given back to you.
2. Health Insurance-For fresh purchase; bonus points will be 0.1%. Example- You are paying an annual premium of 15000 INR, your bonus points will be 15. An associate purchasing a fresh policy will be given cash back of 5% on premium amount.
3. Mutual Fund- For every purchase of 50000 INR per annum will be counted as 10 points. Like; someone is paying 50000 INR for 10 years. It will be counted as 10 bonus points for every year. And after 10 years, total 5 Lakhs will make 100 points.  An Associate can enjoy 0.5% cash back per purchase. In 50000 INR purchase, 250 INR will be credited in its bank account.
4. For Reiki, Tax related works 1% will be bonus points on total fees. Like anyone is paying 500 INR for any IT Return. Every time, It will earn 5 points. Associates will enjoy 10% discount on these services.  
Associates will be given 20% discount on Books and A general will be given 15% discount.  
For DXN Products 5% discount on MRP will be applicable and for associates, it will be 10% discount.  Bonus points will be 1% of MRP for this entire category.
5. Opening a Demat Account is now free, Annual maintainence charges are nil for BSDA. So, it will earn 10 bonus points only, no cash benefits for general or associates.
6. Surabitan Sangeet Siksha Kendra gives 10 bonus points on new joining. For associates additional 50 INR will be weaved off on admission fees.
6. FInally, If someone from your Referrals takes our service, you will gain 10 bonus points and later the bonus points he/she will earn for the every time, the same points will be credited to your profile. And this settlement is for the life time. Both can win separately exciting gifts after making 100 points.

How the net profit will be distributed?
In a Financial Year, April to March, We will publish our income statement in month of May in our website.
Say our company has made a net profit of 1 Lakh.
Net Profit means (Gross Revenue-Company Expense) after paying Tax.
Now, 50% will be Managing Director’s share as he is not taking any salary from the company.
10% will be donated for some good cause.
40% means 40000 INR will be distributed among stake holders or associates. If there are 100 Associates, each one will earn 400 INR. And this will continue for life time except Founder of AGS has faced uncertain death. Though we will try to take preventive measures in favour of our associates’ interests in due time.

Our Vision:
1. We never give any discount or cash back for any new clients as we have a long vision, with a negative cash flow, a business can’t sustain and we also need to ensure profitability for the Associates of AGS.
2.  As a GES participant at IIT Kharagpur, we always think for something new or innovative. Like; with growing man power, we have future plans to serve any client in a fix time Ex- “30 minute  Pizza delivery  guaranteed”. We believe in consistently improving our service and providing a most client friendly platform.
3. This company is now a proprietary company and we look forward to grow for partnership, private limited and limited. A company uses its net profit to give dividends (as we already promised) to stake holders or invests in its further growth which will increase profitability for the company and stake holders in due time. Whatever, we are very transparent. Everything will be updated in website. 
Keep following this article and website at least once in a month.

Our Promise:
1. When there will be 100 Associates of AGS, we will organize free Health Check Up Camp every year.

Upcoming Events:
1. MahaShiva Ratri Puja on 4th March 6pm to 6am at Damodareshwar Narmada Ardhanariswar Shiva Temple at Damodarpally, Kanai Natshal Burdwan.
2. RudraAvishek at 9 am on 7th March and Maha Chandi Havan at 4.30 pm 7th March at Chowdhury Chira Mill Line Lane, 9 no by lane, Kalna Road, Burdwan.
Hope you will enjoy being with us!
Happy Investing!

Our Office Address:
1. Chowdhury Chira Mill Line Lane, 9 no by lane, Kalna Road, Burdwan-713101 (Sat-Monday, 9am-12pm)
2. D.V.C Road, Damodarpally, near D.V.C Inspection Bunglow, Kanai Natshal, Burdwan (Tuesday-Friday, 9am-12pm)           Mob-9641765098/9153121342

# It's better to call us before you come to visit our office as We will remain on field visits most of the times up to 31st Match.


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