Jhalida Ashrram Balance Sheet for 2018_2019


When I visited Jhalida, Vishuddhananda Tapovan Ashram in 2017 for the 2nd time. I came to know that daily puja at Panchmundi Asan had been suspended since many years. Finally, after a lot of efforts with the co operation of Baba's great grandson, Shri Debashis Chattopadhyay..I finally appointed Royal Priest Mr Manik Chatterjee to continue daily puja since June 2018.
I have also tried to arrange some fund to manage the expenses. So, following is my declaration for last financial year.

Ashram Expenses
1. June to March (10 Months)= 2500 INR * 10 = 25000 INR
2. Other Temple Requirements = 3500 INR (Approx)
Total= 28500 INR

Expenses Managed
1. Sidhartha Mukherjee= 300 INR
2. Debashis Chatterjee= 400 INR
3. Satyaprakash Pandey= 540 INR
4. Sandeep Tiwari= 2000 INR
5. Krishnakanth Sharma= 2000 INR
6. Nitin Panchnathan= 9000 INR
7. Revune from Book Selling= 1800 INR
8. Aniruddha Mukherjee= 12460 INR
Total= 28500 INR

You too contribute for this cause, We will update in details the names and how donations are being used in the next financial year.

Savings Account: 33149393906
IFSC: SBIN0003083

Mail me your name and transaction details at aniruddhacolt@gmail.com

In 2018, December I again went to Jhalida to supervise how the puja has been going on and if there was any further requirement. Therefore, I bought an Almirah and materials for puja.
I will try to visit Jhalida at least once in an year
Like; I visit Bondul Ashram every month, Bardhaman Ashram every week and keep my sharp eyes on all the activities of our ashrams.

Well, Thanking for your co operation with us.
Jai Gurudeva..Guru Kripa Hi Kebolam!


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