Chapter-03_We Have Started, Things Must Change


How an ashram should be regulated?
1.To discuss Guru’s teachings_Regular group seating with brother disciples.
2.To practice Guru’s teachings_Sadhak, Brahmacharis at Ashram.
3.A leader or speaker to promote Guru’s teachings_Campaign, Initiation.
4.There must be a temple or deity who will be worshiped
5.Few events which promotes spiritual get together and might be some funding activities to meet the daily expenses to run the ashrams.
6.A transparent governing body which will evaluate our institute's annual performance, success, failure, future goals and an audit report to publish in public, the income, expenses and savings.
It's fact. We might have failed somewhere.
What happened till now in our Ashrams
1.Puri Ashram was sold out and now completely demolished, there is no trace of it.
2.Jhalida Ashram was in a bad condition, daily puja had been suspended since many years. Now, things has been much better now. With my initiative, Daily puja is running well since May, 2018. Myself and my friend Nitin Bhai bear all the expenses.
3.Varanasi Ashram; I had complains regarding the repair and maintainece of underground chamber and the residential room behind Ma Nabamundi Mahason. Recently, I come to know, it has been repaired.
4.Kolkata Ashram is closed except Laltuda or Pintuda come sometimes to stay here. Only in Sunday evenings, there might be a group seating.
5.In Bardhaman Ashram, Baba’s family members (Bhombolda, Jethima, Mithudi) live here. Few rooms at Gopal Varanda are in bad condition.
6.Bondul Ashram is recently colored and some maintainece work done by Laltuda. Puja_Bhog_Arati is performed. Though timings in the morning is not properly maintained by the preist.
In my quest, I have found two other ashrams which has been founded by the disciples of Baba Vishuddhananda and I give the same importance whichever carries the name of Baba Vishuddhananda.
7.Satyananda Brahmachari Ashram, Puri_ Satyanandaji only made 67 disciples. Among them, Some have passed away or in old age. Though the ashram is maintained well by Anitadi, a retired school teacher.
9.Ranaghat Ashram_ I never visit there. This ashram remains closed. Some Mr Bhandari has the keys who looks after this.
Why Is This Condition?
The biggest thereat in a spiritual institution is the fight between the children of a Guru and the disciples of a Guru. Both side have their separate stands and keep on arguing each other. This thing is very common in every ashrams. Let’s count the groups in the following.
Baba’s direct disciples’ family members
Baba’s direct disciples’ disciples’ family members
Durgadas’s direct disciple’s family members
Sarojmohon’s direct disciples’ family members
Abanimohon’s direct disciples’ family members
Abanimohon’s direct disciples’ disciples’ family members
Sarosimohon’s direct disciples’ family members
Sameway, now there are bhombolda, laltuda, pintuda, mithudi(?) and myself.
In most cases, everyone speaks against each other, their followers have been brain washed which ultimately given a bad impression to the society, an environment where no one trust or respect each other, finally suffered our own institution and objective.
Good And Bad Stays Together
Even there are now few among us who have really exploited our cause. Otherwise, we won’t find in Gyanganj letters, 
“Your disciples are telling lie. We are giving them chance. Let them reveal the truth and ask for forgiveness”,
“Vishuddhananda, what were you thinking at Bardhaman Ashram in that evening that your disciples will practice hard and become a yogi. Nothing such will happen. They are all here for their worldly means to get it done from you.”
In another letter,“the ashram belongs to your disciple, if you don’t feel good, come here and stay with us”
Who Takes The Benefits In Between
Beyond our spiritual inheritance and fights among us have created opportunities for others. So many fake Gurus, gossips, fantasy stories of Gyanganj, google is filled with and there is no one to oppose or clarify and innocent people have surrendered to them. Even I met someone who is being claimed to be a rebirth of Baba Vishuddhananda, made many disciples, have big ashrams. Well, God Bless!
Devotees Vs Disciples
The biggest regret I feel when I meet someone who tells me that his grandfather or such and such relative was the disciple of baba Vishuddhananda and he is now initiated to Ramkrishna Mission, Kriya Yoga or any other ashram, guru's tradition. It hits me like a slap on my face. May be some people betray equally I hold guilty our selves, our governance. We have failed as a system. It’s definite that we are ordinary people without any miraculous power like Baba, but our heritage and dignity remains much higher.
Even I know a trust member of varanasi ashram who is deeply associated with Sri Ravishankar’s organization and there must be few others who have these type of engagements. Pandeyji who had been taking care of varanasi ashram for 30 years. I came to know that he was not initiated in our gharana, just worked as an employee of the trust. Whatever, as per hindu religion, unless someone receive initiation (diksha), he/she is not sacred, no rights to participate in any puja or religious activities. It is our custom. Even Bhagwan Sri Rama taken initiation from Basistha Muni, Lord Krishna from Sandipani Muni. It teaches that the God when was in human form required to take initiation (diksha).
I met and talked to members of varanasi ashram and other devotees of baba world wide who are not initiated in our parampara, claimed themselves to be a great devotee of Baba. This lesson also goes to them.
Dinuda is our trust’s employee serving at our Bondul Ashram for 30 years approx. He has taken initiation from Anukul Thakur’s ashram. What a blunder! Though I wish him all the best. A true spiritual guru never acts against someone's faith.
I went to Guskara for 2-3 times where baba vishuddhananda had lived for approx 25-30 years. At present, anyone hardly knows about Baba Vishuddhananda except chongdar family who rarely or may not visit our ashram. 
We have a communication gap.
So, this is an overview. What happened till now, I would like to ignore this.
Our concern should be, “can we make a change? ”
Well, I understand everything and have my own solution.
But, I want others participation. Now, “Why these should be our headache?” if someone has this question in head. Kindly let me know.
In Muslims or Sikhs mostly, they rigidly follow the “Kar Seva”, resolution. Everyone in this community save some time and devote it to Guru’s work. Serving to others cleans our mind, help dissolving our ego to become pure and eligible for divine practice.  
My Vision is one Guru (Baba Vishuddhananda), one Family.
Drop me an email at till the end of this year with your mobile number and place of your residence regarding any issue.
Topics are following;
What are your expectations from our institution?
If anyway we can help you?
Identify the problems in our parampara?
If you have any mutual solution, suggestions, proposals?
What should be course of action then?
Any Resolution need to be framed?
Anyone wishes to volunteer for this cause?
Even, a healthy criticisms is welcome.
Happy Diwali.


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