Chapter-02_My Dream Comes True

Introduction: Baba Vishuddhananda passed away in 1937 and left behind a son and three grandsons. His son Durgadas Paramhansadev passed away in 1941. Baba had known everything. Therefore, He had already made his grandson, Shri Sorojmohan as trustee of both committees. One trust maintains the ashrams at Bardhaman, Kolkata, Bondul and another trust maintains only Varanasi Ashram, Vishuddhananda Kanan. Shri Sorojmohon passed away in 1979. Shri Sorojmohon’s younger brother Shri Abanimohon became the trustee in westbengal. In Varanasi, other members denied and made Shri Sorojmohon’s son Bhombolda as trustee(1979-till now).
Shri Abanimohon never took his younger brother, my Gurudeva Shri Sorosimohon as a member in the trust committee (1979-2010). As time passed away, the old members of the trust died and new members were taken from Baba’s disciples’ family. Majority of them taken were initiated from Shri Abanimohon who was then the face of the ashram. Shri Abanimohon passed a resolution against Bhombolda in the committee so that He would never be able to become a trustee or even a committee member of the trust.
Later, Bhombolda was harassed by angels, received life threatening letter, faced police complaints and cornered in the family. He gradually shattered in due time.
Shri Abanimohon passed away in 2010. As expected, Shri Abanimohon’s elder son, Laltuda was supported by the committee to become the next trustee. But, Amarda, Abanimohon’s disciple as well as Bhombolda’s brother in law interfered. It would look odd. Therefore, my Gurudeva Shri Sarosi Mohon made the trustee for time being(2010-2014).
In last 2014, my Gurudeva shri Sorosimohon passed away. Bhombolda was expecting to be next trustee When he came to know about the resolution for the first time that he had already been disqualified. His 10 years younger brother, Laltuda became trustee and Pintuda, Shri Abanimohon’s younger son might be a committee member.
Where I am standing?
There are now several groups.
Bhombolda and team.
Laltuda, Pintuda and team.
Mithudi (My Gurudeva’s daughter and team)
And myself, Aniruddha The lier and an Outsider.
I have good terms only with Bhombolda and with others, just formal greetings if met anytime.
Where I was bound and my dream?
I had enjoyed a beautiful relationship with Jethu, my Gurudeva. We spent many hours, days seating together when there was no one in between. I used to tell Jethu as long you were with me, no one would touch me and later I would be thrown out.
That was my projected dream.
When Jethu authorized me as his successor, he asked me to look after his family and ashram.
In early 2015, Mithudi insulted me. I was hurt but later, this made me completely emotionless and non attached to Baba’s family and ashram.
I am a person who like to follow rules than emotion. So, I continued to visit Bardhaman ashram once in a week, Bondul ashram once in a month, Kolkata ashram once in two/ three months, Jhalida ashram once in a year and spent few time weekly with Jethima on regular basis. I was on a routine.
Later, Kolkata ashram has closed.
The Politics Begins;
It is 17th oct, 2019. Just 2-3 months back, I went to Bondul in the after noon. After I finished my spiritual practice and returning. A boy, Sumon interfered and started teaching me rules of the ashram. He was the grandson of Shri Abanimohon, Mamatadi’s son. I answered,”do you know whom you are talking to? Don’t teach me rules. I am here now for more than a decade and I am the successor of Baba Vishuddhananda”.
Now, that incident created a chaos in both side. I informed this to all groups and told when Jethu forbade me nothing, rather always kept me encouraging in my practice. Now, I have to learn new rules. What others are following is not my headache. I have to initiate people, my responsibility is much higher as well as my authority. There is no comparison. No One should cross my line.
Pintuda told over phone, “Let’s don’t ruin our relation. I don’t know what arrangements my uncle has done for you. Fine, I will look after this.”
Today, I went to Bondul ashram. That priest asked me not to open the doors of Shiva Temple or Baba’s Temple. Why I should listen to him? I opened the door and the priest started shouting, “If you can’t follow the rules, don’t come here”. I told, “What are the new rules now?  The ruler has changed and the rule changes. That means, you are insulting Jethu, my Gurudeva. He was a fool then to allow me free.”
I returned bardhaman and went to Laltuda, Pintuda’s house, the new rulers’ residence. Laltuda was not at home. Pintuda attended me and I placed my arguments.
Pintuda told; “I understand everything but we are following only the rules of Rajrajeswari Ashram, you can find this framed in the ashram and
Anybody can claim higher about one’s self like you? So, I don’t give any importance”
I replied; “That’s fine. But, the time has changed, even Gyanganj’s banlingam had gone. And you telling about the rules written,  what Guru orders is much more valuable than any documentation. Jethu who played with Baba Vishuddhananda was a fool then and you are trying to impart new rules. I am following the same practice more than a decade now ”
Pintuda; “I don’t know, why my uncle has ignored this. Fine, I don’t want to go for any dispute. Better you may write a letter to our trust members and see what they decide for you”
Myself; “I will not do it, that does not make any sense for me.”
( In my head, the members are only volunteers and I am authorized to initiate in this ashram. I may be young but more superior to them and now, I need their consideration..What a joke!!!)
Suddenly, I spoke out some unpleasant truth about the committee.
Pintuda got very angry; “Who is teaching you these? How dare you speak like this? I will sue you in court and even the best lawyer of the town can not save you. This is our place if you can’t abide by the rules, you should find any other place.”
Myself; “Fine, I am also mentally preparing for the same. These all seems to be your planned strategy. And I am not going to follow any rules, newly implemented on me ”
After this hot talk, Pintuda brought sweets for me and I ate too with smile. He asked me to seat with Laltuda sometime regarding this issue.
I left the place.
I will not seat with Laltuda. This would again turn in to some hot talks and personally my opinion is not very high about him due to my past experiences.
Now, I will not go into much details. So, I quit here. I don’t want to face any court trials or any consequences like Bhombolda. I am already very busy. Jethu had blessed me that  I would have many enemies and that comes true within just 5 years of his demise. Jai Guru!
Conclusion; I am free right now. Though I doubt about the rules of Rajrajeswari Ashram and the rules which might be fragmented by the Trustee later on. Whatever with due respect the the trust rules are applicable within the ashram, rest the whole world is left for me to operate. I have no liability for the ashram or any of baba's family member. As  long Jethima, Jethu’s wife is present. I will visit her at bardhaman ashram. I will continue my monthly contribution to Jhalida Ashram so that daily puja never suspends again. I have passed 17 years in practice with my own zeal and passion. I am completely self made with the blessings from my parents and guru. I am confident.  As yogic activities are not limited in any geographical barrier , I am good at my place. My father or anyone in my family was never a spiritual guru. Therefore, I don’t earn anything by birth. What I am today is by taking extreme pain and sacrifice. So, my moral values and approach are slightly different.  I guarantee that my people will never be deprived of any spiritual progress or support required from our higher authority.
Guru Kripa Hi Kebolam!


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