Jhalida Ashrram Balance Sheet for 2018_2019

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When I visited Jhalida, Vishuddhananda Tapovan Ashram in 2017 for the 2nd time. I came to know that daily puja at Panchmundi Asan had been suspended since many years. Finally, after a lot of efforts with the co operation of Baba's great grandson, Shri Debashis Chattopadhyay..I finally appointed Royal Priest Mr Manik Chatterjee to continue daily puja since June 2018.
I have also tried to arrange some fund to manage the expenses. So, following is my declaration for last financial year.

Ashram Expenses
1. June to March (10 Months)= 2500 INR * 10 = 25000 INR
2. Other Temple Requirements = 3500 INR (Approx)
Total= 28500 INR

Expenses Managed
1. Sidhartha Mukherjee= 300 INR
2. Debashis Chatterjee= 400 INR
3. Satyaprakash Pandey= 540 INR
4. Sandeep Tiwari= 2000 INR
5. Krishnakanth Sharma= 2000 INR
6. Nitin Panchnathan= 9000 INR
7. Revune from Book Selling= 1800 INR
8. Aniruddha Mukherjee= 12460 INR
Total= 28500 INR

You too contribute for this cause, We will update in details the names and how donations are being used in the next financial year.

Savings Account: 33149393906
IFSC: SBIN0003083

Mail me your name and transaction details at aniruddhacolt@gmail.com

In 2018, December I again went to Jhalida to supervise how the puja has been going on and if there was any further requirement. Therefore, I bought an Almirah and materials for puja.
I will try to visit Jhalida at least once in an year
Like; I visit Bondul Ashram every month, Bardhaman Ashram every week and keep my sharp eyes on all the activities of our ashrams.

Well, Thanking for your co operation with us.
Jai Gurudeva..Guru Kripa Hi Kebolam!

Plan Your Pilgrimage To New Vishuddhananda Tapovan Jhalida (2)

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Due to my profession and as an active member of ashram, I have to be always in public dealings. I have met both good and bad experiences. I realize, in spite of so much negativity all around, due to some good people, this nature is in balance and thousands of people can still hope for a better life.

Dr P.K.Das is one of them with a golden heart. He has his own nursing home and been practicing in Jhalida for last 32 years. He has a long time wish to set up an English medium school. Therefore, Swami Vishuddhananda Gurukul Sikshayatan has come in to reality in few months. The school will have a grand opening on 10thFebruary, 2019 on the occasion of Ma Saraswati Puja. Devotees and disciples of ashram are hereby welcome; Just confirm us about your arrival so that we can make necessary arrangements.
Swami Vishuddhananda Gurukul Sikhatyan
Governed by Jhalida Astha Mob-7872823353,9002819585
CBSE Board English Medium School (Nursary to Class VII)
1, Transportation Facility
2. Pollution Free Ashram Atmosphere
3. Students' Boarding
4. Big Playground
5. Digital Class Room
6. E-Class
7. Medical Help
8. Economical School Fees

Now; I would like to share what Dr P.K.Das has done for our ashram infrastructure (around 100 years old) and what's his planning for the school.
This Ashram main building on the entrance has been painted, the middle room will be a museum, well decorated where photos of Baba Vishuddhananda, Durga Baba, Gui Baba and Debashisda's photo etc will be kept. The right side room will be computer lab.

New Ashram entrance gate is prepared and will be installed soon.

Rooms are being prepared for the teachers' boarding facilities including principal's office.


Rumbles were every where, Ashram floors are now being cleaned.

 Water was licking down through the roof, it has been totally repaired and cleaned.

This well is made reusable after deep cleaning inside which costs 48000 INR. Two tube wells are yet to be made one for school_boarding purpose, the second one for Ma Panchamundi.

This is the school building for class two to class seven. Morning prayer will be done on the ground in front of Ma Saraswati and Baba Vishuddhananda.

Baba Vishuddhananda used to seat on this stone. That white building has three rooms inside for the class LKG, UKG and ONE.

Plan Your Pilgrimage\
Rooms are being prepared for the devotees to stay.
Small hills, forests are all around the ashram, make you feel on the lap of mother nature.
Strong spritual vibration, Baba Vishuddhananda's residential place and above all around 800 years old Ma Panchmundi Mahason.
From 13th/14th March,2020 every year, We will have a grand celebration of Baba Vishuddhananda's Birthday.

How to reach
Rail route is Howrah_Burdwan_Asansol_Purulia_Jhalida, local trains are interconnecting between these stations.
Otherwise, take Purulia Express from Howrah, Purulia Bus Stand is just nearby station, Buses are available to Jhalida
Raanchi is also a big railway station near Jhalida, Buses are available from this side also.
Or by car route as follows Howrah_Bardhaman_Durgapur_Bankura_Jhalida.

The Most Important Point In This Article
Ma Panchmundi Mahason Temple is now around 100 years old. This building is urgently need to be repaired. In the rainy season, water is licking down through the roof and ruining the puja materials. Though this time, I have bough an Almirah to keep these materials safe, but we need a permanent solution. Walls are also soaking the water and being damaged.

Windows's partitions are collapsed, door condition is poor. Everything need to be replaced, colored. Also we are planning to make a shaded seating area for the mediators in front of Ma Panchmundi like Ma Nabamundi Mahason, Varanasi.

Dr P.K.Das only for these purpose; appealed for some financial help from the disciples and devotees of this ashram. He and his team will take care of the rest.

Beneficiary Name- SAPTARSHI DAS
A/C No- 401001501087
IFSC- ICIC0004010

This account belongs to Doctor babu's son.
For more details, contact- Dr P.K.Das- 7872823353

After your donation, WhatsApp 9153121342 mentioning Amount, Your Name, Gotram..for worshiping at Ma Panchmundi Mahason.


You may also visit- http://www.aniruddhamukherjee.com/
Jai Gurudeva, Guru Kripa Hi Kebolam!!!

Plan Your Pilgrimage to New Vishuddhananda Tapovan Jhalida (1)

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Importance of Vishuddhananda Tapovan Ashram, Jhalida-
As of our organization, We have now VIsuddhashram Bardhaman, VIshuddhananda Bhavan Kolkata, Bhrigu Ashram Bondul, VIshuddhananda Kanan Varanasi, Vishuddhananda Tapovan Jhalida those Baba had founded with his own hands.

Long time ago; Madhabananda Paramhansadev of Gyanganj Ashram (our parent organization at Tibet) had been practicing his sadhana for around 700 years at Jhalida. Later, as per Gyanganj orders, he had left his mortal body and took rebirth as Baba Vishuddhananda’s elder son. In this life, Durgadas was initiated by Baba Bhriguram Paramhansadev and also achieved “paramhansa” at an earlier age. Durgadas Paramhansadev easily recalled his past life and often visited Jhalida for his Panchamundi Asan where Madhabananda used to seat. Uddhab Kumar Singha, King of Jhalida was the disciple of Baba Vishuddhananda. Therefore, He donated all the area adjacent to panchmundi asan, made an ashram building and gifted to Baba Vishuddhananda.
After Baba Vishuddhananda (1937), Durgadas Parmahansadev (1944), Gui Baba (Shri Saroj Mohan Chattopadhyay, Elder Grandson of Baba) used to take care of this ashram till 1979.

Later on, Gui Baba’s wife, Shrimati Gitarani Chattopadhyay and other disciples of ashram used to celebrate Gui Baba’s birthday for few years. But gradually, there left no permanent resident to look after this ashram. Debashisda (Gui baba’s son) who is permanent resident of Bardhaman Vishuddhashram tried several efforts to run this ashram but there was no permanent solution. The ashram got vacant and many things were stolen, then way to its slow destruction. Even Anti Socials might be active there.
Few Years Back;
In 2012 or earlier, my Gurdeva, Shri Sarosimohan Chattopadhyay (Baba Vishuddhananda’s Grandson) was alive. I came to Jhalida for the first time. A member of royal family entertained me. I took many photos of ashram’s poor condition and reported back everything to my Gurudeva. But, nothing had changed.

In 2014 last, my Gurudeva granted me as his successor also took a promise from me that I would look after his family and Bardhaman Vishuddhashram.
I visits Bardhaman Ashram once in a week, Bondul Ashram once in a month, Beneras Ashrams twice and Kolkata Ashram few times earlier but now, It remains locked.
In 2017, I went to Jhalida for the second time, worse condition as it’s expected and this time suprisingly, I come to know that Daily puja at Panchmundi Asan has been suspended for 10-15 years. On few occasions, likely on  Kali Puja, local people gathers here and perform puja.  A matter of great grief that An Yogi like Baba Vishuddhananda Paramhansadev’s temple has remained abandoned this way.

I came back to Bardhaman, posted articles on facebooks in front of hundreds of ashram devotees, talked to Baba’s family members, trust members. I faced a politics of blaming each other and the second “Being an outsider Who I am to interfere on this?”. In last 12 years; I have spent more than one lakh rupees, hours of regular involvement and service in every possible ways, compromised my study, carrier and Still I am an outsider. 
None was to ready to take any charge, finally nothing had happened. Well, I never forget this for a single day. I wanted only to start the daily puja at Panchmundi Mahasan by any means. 
Every year, many devotees go to Bondul Ashram, some of them also visit me on the way at Bardhaman. A Lawyer from Hydrabad with his team came to visit Bondul in January,2018. Mr Lawyer stayed at my home previous night. We welcomed his team at Bondul and cater them well. Mr Lawyer only deals with big shots, corerpati clients all over India, even R.S.S Chief Mohan Bhagabat had come to visits their home long time ago. Mr Lawyer told himself a great devotee of Baba and offered me what if he could do anything for our ashram. I told about Jhalida ashram and I only want to appoint a priest to perform the daily puja. Repairing ashram building is not that important. He assured to help me with all his influences and would come to Jhalida personally and do the needful. Therefore, I convinced Debashisda accordingly and kept waiting for Mr Lawyer’s arrival. He failed two dates and didn’t come. We will not cruise, only good wishes from our side.  We don’t understand what the meaning of acting like this is.

In April,2018 Debashisda went to Jhalida. I requested him to appoint a priest and my team would bear the expenses. Mr Parimal Chatterjee, his son Mr Manik Chatterjee, they are the priest of royal family of Jhalida and they also performed puja on Panchmundi Mahason by generation. From May onwards, I sent 2500 INR to priest’s account in advance as their salary and other expenses for puja. I take someone as my disciple after years’ of observation. So, I have only three at present. I ask to Mr Kolkata, one of them for only 100 INR/month contributions for this purpose. He agreed and after few days, he denied.
This  explanations seems boring to the readers, but this is just to make you realize how much pain I have gone through.
Well, Mr Nitin Panchnathan, Mr Sandeep Tiwari (Disciple), Mr Krishnakanth Sharma have extended their helps. All the income, expenses will be published after 31st March.

Debashisda loves me a lot and also believes me as one of his well wishers. From Jhalida he told me over phone. A Doctor and his team want to set up an English medium school for the first time in Jhalida in the ashram premises and also do necessary repair work accordingly. I immediately give my consent. I also suggest that School name will be on Baba Vishuddhananda and there should be a photo of Baba in every class room.
I often hear news update that work is going on at Jhalida Ashram and on 26th December,2018 I have reached Jhalida to personally observe those things.
Here the next chapter begins……

Visuddhananda Parikrama

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We are pleased to inform that our second book, “Vishuddhananda Parikrama” by Shri Debashis Chattopadhyay (Senior Great Grandson of Swamiji) and Aniruddha Mukherjee has been published.
It’s a photo album of 92 pages with short description referring to each photo, A4 size or slightly bigger pages, hard binding book.
1. Baba’s photo young to older age with his teachings.
2. Baba’s family; mother, wife, sons, daughter in law, three grandchildren till he passed away in 1937.
3. Baba’s group photos with disciples.
4. Few letters.
5. Baba’s diary, his handwriting, sketches.
6. Things that Baba used.
7. Crystals that kept inside Baba’s body.
8. Transformation of Jaba flower (Hibiscus) to crystals by his yogic powers.
9. Solar lenses
10. Things experimented by solar science.
11. Hand bill published that time for distribution of Gyanganj medicines and its’ uses.
12. Letters of Gyanganj sent to Baba.
13. Few saints of Gyanganj.
14. Guskara where Baba lived about 20 years.
15. Bondul, Baba’s birth place.
16. Bondul Bhrigu Ashram.
17. Manteswar where Baba got married.
18. Bardhaman Visuddhashram
19. Kolkata Visuddhananda Kanan Ashram
20. Jhalida Visuddhananda Tapovan Ashram
21. Varanasi Vishuddhananda Kanan Ashram
Book Price-700 Rs (550 Rs making charges+50 Rs Guru Pranami, Debashisda’s share+ 50 Rs Ashram Donation+ 50 Rs Aniruddha’s share ) plus Delivery Charges Extra (180 Rs all over India; except West Bengal, It is 80 Rs as per Dtdc courier services)
To book any order
1. Whatsapp anytime (9153121342), Call Only Sunday after 5 pm (9641765098), or E-mail
2. After initial confirmation from our side, One must pay full amount in advance including delivery charges to ANIRUDDHA MUKHERJEE; SBI Savings A/c-33149393906; IFSC-SBIN0003083
3. After payment, one must email to aniruddhacolt@gmail.com mentioning Buyer’s Full Address with Contact no, pin code etc, Book quantity, Transaction amount. This is required to handle taxation.
4. It may take some time to process the order. We are doing a service along with our daily responsibilities. Here is no commercial interest but our motto to raise funds for our Ashram works. Our activities will be disclosed later in our facebook page “Swami Visuddhananda Paramhansadev Gyanganj Gharana”.
5. We will send you the photo copy of your packed parcel and Dtdc counter slip so that you can track your order online. Sometimes; courier boy not even visit the delivery site and excuses that addresses are not found etc. Please be careful.
To buy instantly the unedited pdf copy of this book; visit https://www.instamojo.com/ANIRUDDH…/visuddhananda-parikrama/ and may print as per your requirements.
If you like this book, you can gift anyone or tell others about this book. It’s a divine service for Guru.
Thanking you;