Guru Diksha


                         Jai Guru!Guru Kripa Hi kebolam!!!

Guru is no body it is another form of divine which comes down to take its children back to its supreme dignity.Only One Guru Shakti is playing for ever.When That Guru Shakti chooses some body through whom it teaches others that body can be regarded as Guru only for materialistic purpose.

Aniruddha considers his great achievement that His Guru has elected him to carry forward this parampara.As it shows,his Guru’s utter most love and faith upon him.Aniruddha at this young age and with less capability is no way a deserving candidate but it is only his Guru’s blessings that will arrange support for others who will be connected this parampara through him.They must be helped then somehow  to move ahead along their journey to enlightenment. That is the beauty and good part of a Parampara or Sampradaya when the whole family take stands for their weak member.

Aniruddha went through some intensive training and an intimate relationship with his guru for about seven years.He accompanied Shri Chattopadhyay regularly as much as possible.Shri Chattopadhyay used to do a strict quality control over new comers before accepting someone as a disciple.So,Aniruddha follows the same way.It may take years to make a good understanding and considering someone to make  disciple.Like,We don’t accept marriages of our daughter or son with anyone.We strictly check before approving someone as a family member.Sameway,It is done to accept some one in our Guru Parampara as It may be an eternal connection.If you are not in a hurry but able to bear with pain,a dedicated soul to perform  your daily practice with commitment. We are pleased to welcome you.
It is advised to go through “Visuddhashram and My Story” by Aniruddha Mukherjee.Although Many things are yet to be modified and updated in that book.It will be done some time.
As It is all about the same Guru Shakti,Anyone chooses any path or any guru,We convey our best wishes. Religions teach us to forgive and love.Practicing religion is an inward individual journey.There is nothing do with others or an organization. May you be Happy and Peaceful.


  1. Sir madam who to go through guru diksha, can u let us known the provider ,how may day one need to stay ,do all have occupancy for staying, and what all detail u have go provide pls let me know, when guru diksha takes place .we will from maharashtra ,accordingly will decide are journy

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  3. How to get prepared for Gurudiksha