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Baba Visuddhanandaji used to practice astrology and solar science along with his yogic kriyas. Even my Guruji was a great astrologer. Sameway, Myself, Aniruddha Mukherjee, successor of Swami Vishuddhananda Paramhansadev Gyanganj Gharana have always tried to copy their feet steps. In 2015, I took admission to Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, SadaShiba Campus (Deemed University) at Puri for studying Astrology. I attended classes but could not continue it due to my B.Tech studies. I had also learnt palmistry, numerology in teenage and eventually left the practice. Well, I always keep thinking to do something with astrology and then the idea of "Astro Help" come in to existence.

Jitender Kumar Sharma is founder of Astrological Researchers Group, practicing and teaching Astrology national wide with hundreds of his students for more than 20 years in this profession. My personal connections with him about 5 years and as a devotee of Baba Vishuddhananda, He gladly accepted my proposal to provide consultation in "Astro Help".

Mr Abhijeet Saha is also a devotee of our ashram and working with gems for more than 15 years. He has an in depth knowledge and connections to take out the best piece from the market.

As per our previous deeds, We take birth in certain date, time and place and accordingly as per that planetary situation in horoscope, we face our future incidents. Some good or bad things can be avoided and some we must have to face. There are many solutions to get rid of the bad effects of planetary system. One of these is wearing gems which can protect, even reward you in every possible ways. In Astro Help, we deal with gems.

How Astro Help Work??
1. If you have already consulted your astrologer about your gems requirement, we can get you the right piece. Otherwise, We will arrange a telephonic appointment with Jitender Kumarji who will process your details and suggest as per your requirement. Consultaion Fees- 500 INR only
2. You can check the price range and product details of gems given below. Once you make up your mind. We will take your order with 1000 INR  as an advance deposit (not refundable, will be adjusted with gem's final price).
3. We guarantee you to offer the best price of any gems with laboratory test report about its authenticity except red coral, pearl can not be tested.

What is Gems??
All the planetary gem stones are radioactive crystals and highly sensitive, perfect in filtering out their particular rays. Energy is nothing but another form of elements in the shape of waves and rays.These rays contain all the the particles of elements or chemicals. Human body is also a combination minerals, chemicals etc. The gem stones pick up the particular wave and transmit it in to the body lab where they are immediately transformed into elements and chemicals, as a consequence of which the body starts functioning in the right way both physically and mentally.
In astrology, gems are used to enhance or nullify planetary vibrations as required which results prosperity in life.

Diamond (Hire)-This gemstone is used for Venus(Sukra). It is pure carbon, having the most compact arrangement of carbon atoms found in nature. It occurs as isometric crystals or crystalline masses, both colorless and with tints of pink, brown, black, yellow and blue.
The price varies as per the quality and availability.
20-30 Cent-300-400 INR per Cent
30-40 Cent-400-600 INR per Cent
40-50 Cent-600-700 INR per Cent
50-60 Cent-800-900 INR per Cent

Substitute Gems are also available like following.

White Zircon-
600-900 INR per Cent

Blue Zircon-
550-900 INR per Cent

Yellow Sapphire (Pokhraj)-This gemstone is used for Jupitar(Brihospati). A gem of the corundum family, yellow sapphire is a twin of ruby and blue sapphire. It is found in yellow, golden, and orange colors, as well as in a colorless variety known as white sapphire. The best gem is said to be of lemon yellow color. The color in yellow sapphire is due to the presence  of iron and titanium.
The price varies as per the quality and availability.
3000-6000 INR per Rati

Substitute Gems are also available like following.
Yellow Topaz-
150-200 INR per Rati

Blue Sapphire (Nila)-This gemstone is used for Saturn(Soni),a gem of the corundum family. It is the hardest and crystals are found as twelve sided prisms.
The price varies as per the quality and availability.
2000-6000 INR per Rati

Substitute Gems are also available like following.
100 INR per Rati

Emerald Brazil (Panna)-This gemstone is used for Mercury(Buddh). It is a gem stone of color belonging to the family of beryl gems. It is very rare in nature.So,difficult to find a flawless emerald.
The price varies as per the quality and availability.
1500-4000 INR per Rati

Pearl (Mukta)-This gemstone is used for Moon(Chandra). Formation of a pearl inside a pearl oyster is thought to occur because of the presence of foreign material inside the body of the oyster. To save itself from the understand material the mollusk coats the object with layer after layer of nacre. It takes many years for mollusk to produce a pearl of substantial size.
The price varies as per the quality and availability.
60 INR, 200 INR, 700-1000 INR (Burmese Original) per Rati

Hassonite (Gomed)-This gemstone is used for Rahu. It reflects color of the urine of a cow, that is having nice honey color. It is a silicate of zirconium and is commonly found in igneous rocks but is fairly rare as a gemstone.
The price varies as per the quality and availability.
400-900 INR per Rati
Cats Eye-This gemstone is used for ketu. It comes from the gem mineral chrysoberyl.
The price varies as per the quality and availability.
300-6000 INR per Rati
Ruby (Chuni)-This gemstone is used for Sun. It is a gemstone of the corundum family. It is found in a variety of crimson and scarlet red colors ranging from pink to a deep ruddy violet color.
The price varies as per the quality and availability.
1500-3000 INR per Rati
Red Coral Italian (pola)-This gemstone is used for Mars(Mangal). It is composed of successive rings of thin, Concentric deposits of calcium and the secretions from the body of Isis nobiles and is found as a colony. Its red color is due to the presence of iron oxide. and varies to many shades of red and pink.
The price varies as per the quality and availability.
6-8 Rati-500 INR per Rati
8-9 Rati-600 INR per Rati
9-14 Rati-900-1000 INR per Rati


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