Visuddhananda Parikrama


We are pleased to inform that our second book, “Vishuddhananda Parikrama” by Shri Debashis Chattopadhyay (Senior Great Grandson of Swamiji) and Aniruddha Mukherjee has been published.
It’s a photo album of 92 pages with short description referring to each photo, A4 size or slightly bigger pages, hard binding book.
1. Baba’s photo young to older age with his teachings.
2. Baba’s family; mother, wife, sons, daughter in law, three grandchildren till he passed away in 1937.
3. Baba’s group photos with disciples.
4. Few letters.
5. Baba’s diary, his handwriting, sketches.
6. Things that Baba used.
7. Crystals that kept inside Baba’s body.
8. Transformation of Jaba flower (Hibiscus) to crystals by his yogic powers.
9. Solar lenses
10. Things experimented by solar science.
11. Hand bill published that time for distribution of Gyanganj medicines and its’ uses.
12. Letters of Gyanganj sent to Baba.
13. Few saints of Gyanganj.
14. Guskara where Baba lived about 20 years.
15. Bondul, Baba’s birth place.
16. Bondul Bhrigu Ashram.
17. Manteswar where Baba got married.
18. Bardhaman Visuddhashram
19. Kolkata Visuddhananda Kanan Ashram
20. Jhalida Visuddhananda Tapovan Ashram
21. Varanasi Vishuddhananda Kanan Ashram
Book Price-700 Rs (550 Rs making charges+50 Rs Guru Pranami, Debashisda’s share+ 50 Rs Ashram Donation+ 50 Rs Aniruddha’s share ) plus Delivery Charges Extra (180 Rs all over India; except West Bengal, It is 80 Rs as per Dtdc courier services)
To book any order
1. Whatsapp anytime (9153121342), Call Only Sunday after 5 pm (9641765098), or E-mail
2. After initial confirmation from our side, One must pay full amount in advance including delivery charges to ANIRUDDHA MUKHERJEE; SBI Savings A/c-33149393906; IFSC-SBIN0003083
3. After payment, one must email to mentioning Buyer’s Full Address with Contact no, pin code etc, Book quantity, Transaction amount. This is required to handle taxation.
4. It may take some time to process the order. We are doing a service along with our daily responsibilities. Here is no commercial interest but our motto to raise funds for our Ashram works. Our activities will be disclosed later in our facebook page “Swami Visuddhananda Paramhansadev Gyanganj Gharana”.
5. We will send you the photo copy of your packed parcel and Dtdc counter slip so that you can track your order online. Sometimes; courier boy not even visit the delivery site and excuses that addresses are not found etc. Please be careful.
To buy instantly the unedited pdf copy of this book; visit…/visuddhananda-parikrama/ and may print as per your requirements.
If you like this book, you can gift anyone or tell others about this book. It’s a divine service for Guru.
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