Guru Diksha


Baba Vishuddhananda and My Guru/My Guru and Myself (Aniruddha)

Our Guru Parampara
Khepa Ma, Mahatapa Maharaj (Head of Gyanganj Ashram), Vishuddhananda Paramhansadev, Shri Sarosimohan Chatterjee, Prof. Aniruddha Mukherjee (Myself).
In this blog, I have already written about myself, Gyanganj Ashram, Baba Vishuddhananda and my Guru (Jethu), Shri Sarosimohan Chatterjee and Swami Vishuddhananda Paramhansadev Gyanganj Gharana Trust.
Now, as authorized and being blessed my Guru, I am here to participate you in our Guru Parampara.

Initiation (Diksha) in our Guru Parampara

What's Given : Ma Durga Beej (Tantric) Mantra & Kriya

Eligibility: Any Hindu by Faith, irrespective of any social, financial, educational background.

Prerequisites : 
1. Not necessary to be  a religious person but must be a good hearted person. If your action causes pain to innocents or you don't respect your parents, neither myself or Baba Vishuddhananda can save you.

2. One must be well to do, achieved financial freedom or must have good job or business. We do not promote religious beggers in our Guru parampara. you must be perform all your duties in materialistic world. There is no shortcut or escape. Rest, you are free to practice spirituality.

3. Take persmission from your elders or family before coming for Diksha.

What's to Bring : 
1. Clean cloths (Dhooti for men)  for puja
2. Kombol Asan
3. Flowers, Bilwapatra for Shiva Puja
4. Kumari Ma Seva with Saree & Dakshina (Approx Cost. 700 INR)
5. Guru Dakshna; Strictly advised not to bring any cash or kind (Fruits, Cloths etc), Only 1 Rupee coin will be taken to respect the tradition.

Diksha is given one to one method. The same process as given by Baba Vishuddhananda.

What's do after Initiation (Diksha)
1. Mantra Jaap & Kriya twice a day
2. You can continue your daily puja or any stotra path as usal
3. Shiva Puja & Shiva Ratri is very very important
4. For Brahmin Disciples; Chaandi path and for non Brahmin Gita Path
5. Durgasthami
6. Janmastami
7. Kumari Ma Seva at Home if possible
8. Organizing Saatsang Diwaas if possible

Guru Diksha Dates (Panchang) and Venue :
1. 10th May_Friday_Akshay Tritia
2. 16th June_Dashara
3. 21st July_Guru Purnima

Trust Head Office, Bardhaman

General disclosure: Our guru parampara strictly adherer to Barnashram (Casteism). Only MALE BRAHMINS are entitled to use "Om", "Gayatri Mantra", "Chaandi Path","Havan" etc. Others than that are never allowed to perform all these.
I am not connected to Gyanganj. But, I can assure that thier blessings must be showered on us, my people and our Trust. This is irrevocable, ultimate truth as like sun rises everyday and I can only give what my Guru had taught. No other Mantra or practices are given.
Jai Gurudeva! Guru Kripa Hi Kebolam!