Introduction: It has been few months, this idea has been working in my mind. But, I barely find any motivation inside to speak out unnecessarily. Still, It’s good to have some influence of Maya to act in daily life. This article is based on following themes. 1. What should be our priority between Baba Vishuddhananda and Gyanganj. 2. My Transformation. 3. FAQs
So, here it begins...
I have received many phone calls, few emails, face book posts on my page questioning about Gyanganj or devotees of some ashram, claiming to visit Gyanganj or how to connect there etc. Now, The best part of an yogi is only being an observer. With this guru parampara, I have followed my change within. So, I will share only my point of view which may give an idea of the whole picture and answer to your curiosity.
Early days;
During 2002-2015, I had read many books, visited ashrams, saints, attended pilgrimage from Amarnath to Kanyakumari, Dwarka to Kamakhya.  I always looked for a Guru who must have some super natural powers of ancient time.
In 2008, I came to bardhaman vishuddhashram and met Jethu, Shri Sarosi Mohan Chattopadhyay, Baba’s grandson. In our early discussions, my questions were, “do you have any connections with Gyanganj?” “Will you request any yogi to help in my spiritual practice?” “I want to be an yogi like Baba Vishuddhananda?” following few years, Even till 2012, I kept requesting him to arrange a Guru for me.
It was clear that I never counted Jethu in numbers as my guru or even baba Vishuddhananda.
Though I respect Jethu as a yogic practitioner. In early days, I never touched Jethu’s feet, but later I did and often asked for blessings that “I can be a Guru gata pran disciple”.
Now, here requires a little explanation. I highly valued a disciple to be committed to its Guru. Disciples are two types, one is “Guru Anugoto”, means obedient to its Guru and second type is “Guru goto pran”, means disciples’ existence, completed dissolved in its Guru. It laughs at its Guru’s happiness or cries at Guru’s pain like that. In time, the disciple becomes Guru alike. Its a very rare virtue, might be seen someone’s last life before getting the highest enlightenment.
Getting into the team; Jethu usually liked to be left alone, leading a disciplined life with regular yogic practice. In his 90 years of age, he had only around 100 disciples. Once I asked him,
‘’why your disciples do not stay around?”. Jethu told, “I intentionally like to keep them away. I am a family man. I have some good or bad shades. If the disciples see me like this way, they may get me wrong which ultimately harmful for their practice”.
Jethu never entertained or gave priority any spiritual discussion or entity other than Baba Vishuddhananda. Sometimes, It looked arrogant. When I wanted to go for pilgrimage or short of things, Jethu scolded me. I thought that he wanted to convert me. So, I hardly listened to his words.
In these years, I used to spend hours daily with Jethu which ultimately formed a very strong bonding between us, already written in details, “Vishuddhashram and My Story-1”.
At that point, I had two options. Someone from Gyanganj (baba vishuddhanda) would initiate me or I would take initiation from Jethu. Which was more practical approach? Though everyone thinks of highest about oneself, here the wise approach to under estimate myself. In support of my conclusion, there were two instance, I remembered
If any visitors came to see Baba, it’s mandatory to take permission to go upstairs. Once a disciple of Baba’s disciple came to see Baba. Someone asked for permission to Baba. Baba said, he was not an outsider, belonged to us, not required any further permission. That person had some doubts. Baba asked him to leave for time being and called his disciple, that person’s Guru, cleared that doubt to him who further narrated the same to his disciple.
Here, I conclude that Baba never discriminates between his disciples and disciple of his disciples, given importance to Guru Sisso Parampara and the hierarchy.
Karali dada was the disciple of Baba. He left for Tibet in search of Gyanganj yogis, finally reached to a cave where Bhavadeb Goswami, Baba’s brother disciple had been staying with his disciples. He scolded karali dada very much and written back a letter to Baba why baba was entertaining these ungrateful people and should punish etc.
All the disciples of Baba were under observation of Gyanganj, they had been helped in many ways. So, with connection to Jethu, I might be able taken in team.
I clearly shared my thoughts with Jethu and after 6 months of waiting and negotiation at the end of 2013, I got initiated.
My days without Jethu; Since 2015, I am all alone. I went for Narmada Parikrama, learnt Reiki, Silva Mind Control, Vipassana. In 2016, I went to Vipassana again and caught there doing my practice. They told, “Either you practice only Vipassana in this camp or leave”. I left. Since then, I have hardly participated any pilgrimage, any ashram, any sadhu or any spiritual discussion. I have made my home an ashram type and worship my deity. My home is the most sacred place for me other than any places whatever rewards offered in Shastra I don't care.  I remind of Dakshineswar for Ramkrishna, Shirdi for Saibaba, Lar Road for Devraha Baba, Kuchut for Loknath Baba. These are very common places, turned in to sacred places. True pilgrimage begins when we control our sensors and start looking within. I had seen Jethu only to move from ground floor to first floor at Vishuddhashram years after years. I asked him if he would like to go out. He told,that was the best for his practice. After Jethu’s demise, I never look for any famous guru outside. I will not tolerate anyone’s nonsense. I am vishuddhananda’s man and there is no shortage of credit ability in our tradition.
Everyday, I think of Jethu as he is more nearer to me right now. I will definitely meet him someday. If there are two options to choose between Jethu and vishuddhananda. I will choose Jethu as we have better understanding. But, Jethu told me to take Vishuddhananda as our Guru. He is just an inter mediator and so I teach the same to my disciples. I am just a broker of Baba Vishuddhananda.
Gyanganj becomes irrelevantI have a bowl in my hand. Now, I go with it to a tap water, a tube well,  a sub mar shell pump, a pond, a river, a spring, a sea. Does it matters? The bowl will fill the same capacity of water it can carry.
The bowl is me, my capability. So, the important factor is myself only to practice more and more to enhance my capability.
First there is God, I am created out of it. I am awakened, become conscious about myself. Now, It has sent a Guru, a messenger of God who teaches me how to reunite with God. So, where I should focus. Decide your self.
Interference with Gyanganj; Myself, My deity, My Guru. I am done. Just meeting a group of specialists will not going to change the truth about you. You will remain the same. Rather it may ruin everything. Few days ago; someone called me over phone. As I am young, he wanted to talk to a mature one. So, I gave him Debashisda’s Mobile No (Great Grandson of Baba). That man had some rough approach from Debashisda and called back me. I told him to call back again later. Debashisda did not entertain that man anyway and when he called back me. I didn’t pick up. So, that smart man lost both side.
Even in Gyanganj Letters we find, “Vishuddhananda, those who don’t trust you. They are like impotent who thinks to become a father”. Also remember again Karalida’s incident.
The world comes to know about Gyanganj through Vishuddhananda and now if someone thinks to pass over Vishuddhananda. God Bless!

Though I don’t claim any copy right of Vishuddhananda over Gyanganj. Our parent ashram might have several activities or source persons. Even, I believe that there are many yogashrams like Gyanganj in Tibet, Himalayan regions or in third dimension. But, there is no mean of chasing them, there is no short cut, focus in preparing yourself, at the end of day I repeat, where you are standing matters the most.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) I often face.
1. Have you any connections with Gyanganj?
No, I always think of connecting to the God and my Guru.
How to reach in Gyanganj? I have watched in Google Earth, Documentary in youtube.
I have no idea. I don’t bother. It's not a place just you walk in to by bus, train or flight.
Can you recommend any Guru?
I am busy in my life. I hardly get into any spiritual activities outside my comfort zone. I don’t know anyone and I don’t want to. You may continue your inner search or find in Kumbh Mela.
Do you know that man or book, claiming to visit Gyanganj?
Look, they are our parent body. Now, no one shares its family secrets to public. So, These things might be false and for cheap publicity. Now, it’s not my job to chase them. God is looking after everything. For better understanding, you may watch my video.
How I can be initiated in this tradition?
I need at least one year or more to know each other properly and then we may move on. I have taken a lot of pain and focused on my guru. Now, if my disciples follow me that’s well and good. I never look back. By the blessings of my guru, my disciples will never be deprived. Now, if someone acts smart, I will  not forgive. “Shiva ruste, Guru trata, Guru ruste no koschon”
I am a disciple of this Guru and now searching for a sad Guru?
I am a very ordinary person. You may go to Baba’s family members or Have patience, You will surely find a sad guru some day. (I should not pass remarks on someone without proper knowledge, but I have seen many spiritual prostitutes and tried to get rid of them at the earliest.)
Being in this Guru Parampara, why do you practice Reiki?
After Jethu had passed away, his family scolded me a lot. “I am fake, telling lies to everyone, you have no connections with us, you are no body without Vishuddhananda etc”.
I thought, I had come this far all alone. I didn’t require any vishuddhananda. There were so many paths to reach divine. I would take some other practice and became a master in that field also. I learnt Reiki, Vipassana and Silva Mind Control.
As I promised Jethu. I kept visiting Jethima once in a week. She used to curse every time for 2 years and then stopped seeing no effects on me at all. “Bachha; Guru ke dwar mein kutte ki mafik, para rehe na”
I remembered old days;
When I was a vegetarian, Jethima told me to eat non veg as Jethu or Baba Vishuddhananda were non vegetarian.
When I dressed up in white like a Brahmachari. Jethu was happy. Jethima asked me to marry like Jethu and Baba Vishuddhananda did.
Same way, that time also, Jethima tried to distract me from Jethu, my spritual inheritance. With passing time, I left exploring other spiritual practices except Reiki.
In 2015, I had already enrolled for being Reiki Master which costs approx 1 Lakh with some money paid in advance.
Following this there was a huge mental conflict but later I decided by some means I have to earn my living where I need my own space and flexibility of time. So, I take Reiki as my profession.
My Last Words;
Twamebo Mata cho Pita Twamebo,
Twamebo Bandhuscho, Sokha Twamebo,
Twamebo Viidya, Drobinong Twamebo,
Twamebo Sorbong, Momo Deb o Devo..
Jai Gurudeva!


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